5 Smart SEO Strategies for Melbourne Businesses 

The competition for online presence by different companies in Melbourne has become stiff. Companies have discovered the benefits that they stand to gain by having good online presence and they are seeking the services of digital agencies to help them with their digital marketing. One of the most important aspect of digital marketing is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO is all about being visible on the search engines. Your business should appear at the top of the search engine results page (SERP) when people use search terms that are related to it. The higher the ranks, the higher the likelihood of your website being clicked. Let’s look at the SEO strategies that businesses in Melbourne should use to improve their performance.Image result for 5 Smart SEO Strategies for Melbourne Businesses

1. Optimizing for mobile

According to the latest statistics from Google, more people are using mobile devices to search as compared to desktop computers. Latest mobile devices have advanced features which can implement tasks that were initially reserved for computers. Mobile devices can also be used anywhere and at anytime. Optimize you business website for mobile users. Make it responsive so that it can have a perfect appearance on different screens. Major search engines recognize the power of mobile optimization. Websites that have been designed for mobile users tend to have higher ranks for search that is performed on mobile devices.

2.High quality content

In the SEO world, content is the king and this will never be undisputed. Your website should have high quality content that is relevant to both the users and to the search engine. The content on the website should be a perfect reflection of what your business is doing. Search engines study the behavior of users on a website and they can tell if a user has been dissatisfied with the web content. Use a well researched content which has proper grammar and proper wording. The content should also have appropriate search terms that are relevant to the field which you business lies.

3.Fast load time

Speed saves. Websites that take short time to load tend to achieve high ranks on search engines as compared to those that take longer time. Get rid of unnecessary content that could be slowing down your site. Such contents can be heavy graphics and videos which have no direct impact on the website. A website that loads slowly scares away potential users. They will not wait for it load fully and bad news is that search engine crawlers will take note of this behavior.

4. Use Social media

Proper use of social media can have a direct impact on the SEO performance. Be active on major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and others that are relevant to your business. Having a Google+ profile will improve your visibility on Google since it will be appearing on SERP everytime that users will be searching for your business. Sharing your web contents such as blogs and articles on the company’s social media pages can leave some positive impact on your SEO.

5.Link building

An SEO strategy cannot be complete if it does not include link building. Link building involves sourcing for links from other websites and this can help your website to improve its ranks and gain more trust in search engines. However, you need to be extra careful with this strategy as because if it is badly done, it can lead to a heavy penalty. Source for links from authoritative websites in Melbourne. Google discourages people from purchasing links or exchanging favours for links.