Choosing the Right Financial Negligence Lawyer in Sydney

Have you been the victim of financial negligence? There are many ways this can happen, but there is no reason why you should suffer as a result of poor financial advice or poor financial management. It may be time to look for a good financial negligence lawyer in Sydney. But how do you know whether a lawyer is the best one to deal with the sort of problem you are facing?

Do Some Research Before Making a Choice of Lawyer

If the stakes are high, it is wise to do some research before settling on a particular financial negligence lawyer in Sydney. There are several factors that make one lawyer more suitable than any other.

  • How experienced is the lawyer in the sort of case you are presenting?
  • Does the Lawyer have time to deal with your case?
  • How successful has the lawyer been in the past with cases like yours?
  • How much will the lawyer charge and is the fee too much?

Can the Lawyer Handle Your Case?

Some lawyers are not specialist compensation lawyers dealing with financial negligence. They may practise in several areas of law. If you are serious about getting back any money you have lost through alleged financial negligence, you want a lawyer who is used to handling cases like yours and specialises in this aspect of state and federal law.

These days, it is relatively easy to do some research about the history of any particular lawyer and you may also be able to talk to someone such as a colleague, a business acquaintance, a family member, who may have had experience with financial negligence themselves and can recommend a particular lawyer.

How Busy is the Lawyer?

Most compensation lawyers in New South Wales work on a no win no fee basis. That means that they are unlikely to take your case on unless they think they have a good chance of winning it on your behalf. However, even if you may not have to pay any upfront fees, you don’t want the case against the negligent financial adviser or manager to drag on for too long because the lawyer has taken on too much work. You should ask the lawyer when you have an initial consultation how busy they are and you will also get a general impression about how efficient they are at contacting you about your case.

What Sort of Success Rate Has the Lawyer Had in the Past?

Assuming that you have chosen a specialist financial negligence lawyer for an initial consultation one of the questions you will ask is what sort of success they have had with cases most like yours. It may be that your case is so unusual that no lawyer has had any experience of a case quite like yours.

How Much is Too Much?

Even if the lawyer works on a no win no fee basis, you will have to factor in the lawyer’s fee into any settlement package. Be wary of especially cheap fees as they are usually too good to be true. Like anything else in life, you will have to try and choose a lawyer whose fees are neither ridiculously too little nor ridiculously too high.