Ctrax a Hands Off Certificate Tracking Software That Saves Time and Money


CTrax, a web- based product certificate of insurance tracking software, is a must have for those in the risk management industry. Ctrax allows users to manage and view the expiration of certificates of insurance. An interesting feature of CTrax is its capture process. Ctrax will automatically read and comprehend certificates so the user can save time. This feature, called (Optical Character Recognition) will automatically populate the necessary fields accurately. This also allows the user to do hands-off data entry and import hundreds of forms at once.  Less risk exposure and more automation allows risk management professionals to do their job more efficiently and spend less time on mundane tasks.

Ctrax is customizable to specific jobs and industries which allows for a more versatile experience. Configure your workflows to send request renewals to service providers.  Upload and retrieve all of your certificates of insurance at any time and easily access its information instantly. Using its dashboard, users can view upcoming expiring certificates and group them by line of insurance division.  Grouping certificates of insurance by project will allow users to easily view service providers associated with a particular job. Ctrax has a history for delivering return on investment. By mitigating risk and lowering time spent managing certificates of insurance, Ctrax can effectively lowered operating costs for businesses of all sizes.

The developers, JDi Data, are an enterprise software company located in South Florida. They have a host of other applications that are focused on the industry such as TimesManager, Vendor Cost Control and ClaimsManager. Certificate Tracking is made more efficient through CTrax. JDi Data encourage those that are curious to test out their software using their 30-day free trial.

CTrax can be found at http://JDidata.com/solutions/c-track