Hard Work and Detremination can Take you Forward in Life

The charm of the international sporting event Olympics will never fade away, and so the spirit of some people refuses to bow down no matter whatever the circumstances throw at them. John Kasper Olympics is one such athlete, who after facing a ban from sports raised high with sheer hard work and determination. He is John Kasper, who not only participated in the 1998 winter Olympics but also won hearts with a stellar performance in the Bobsleigh sports category. However, fate has something else written for him, and he successfully moved to explore the other territories soon. It is his consistent determination to prove his worth in any situation that he has now become the proud solution executive at TriZetto, a Cognizant company located in Colorado.

Responsible & Hard Worker

Responsibility comes with accountability and John Kasper has never shielded away in carrying its responsibilities irrespective of its nature. At TriZetto, he not only provide valuable solutions for sales support and secure issue resolution but also, work in close association with the sales and service management team. He has been working hard consistently since the last one year to meet all the expectations of his employer and has been succeeded so far to a considerable extent. Earlier, he was associated with a manufacturing company Hill-Rom as an account executive in Indiana. He also worked with several other companies at different job designations such as a sales consultant, area sales manager, sales representative, area vice-president, and much more.

Varied skill set of John Kasper

John Kasper as a professional has developed a variety of skill sets in his quest to lead a dignified life at his own merit, and some of the skill sets are below in brief.

  •    Excellent in development of sales action plans
  •    Has exceptional interpersonal and negotiation skills
  •    Ability to handle multiple tasks within a competitive environment
  •    Devise effective strategies for marketing of products
  •    Out of the box thinking to increase sales figures
  •    Excel in quick decision-making and critical thinking
  •    Thorough knowledge of medical devices2

John Kasper Olympics has long left the field of sports in spite of being a strong contender for the 2002 Olympic medal. However, passion refuses to die, and he keeps on posting his opinions or thoughts on sports in the form of blogs, articles, or tweets on various social networking sites every now, and then. His main interest is the same i.e. bobsleigh, the winter sports played on ice tracks. He also has a keen interest in the game of football and baseball, which becomes evident from his tweets.

Born in Iowa in the United State of America, he is currently residing in a village named Millstadt in the state of Illinois. It is true, life throws challenges and sometimes they are tough to overcome, but the once who has an indomitable spirit is always a winner. John Kasper has proved this successfully over the years that a true athlete has no fear of difficulties, as it is possible to conquer the fear of failure with a high spirit.