Reasons to Choose Johor, Malaysia for Work

 Malaysia is known as one of the most famous and luxurious places to go on holiday, but many people do not realise that it is an amazing place to find work as well. This beautiful Asian country is known to host millions of tourists each year and foreign investors are scrambling to set up shop in this location. This popularity means there is an abundance of job opportunities just waiting for people to take advantage of them and the cost-effective price of living means your already great salary will help you live quite comfortably during your stay. For this reason and many more, expatriates choose Johor and other locations inside this country as their location of choice for some great work.


Economic and Political Stability

Due in no small part to its abundant tourist industry, Johor and other areas of Malaysia are extremely stable economically and it is a peaceful country filled with accommodating locals. Stability is one of the biggest reasons an expatriate chooses to move to another country and it will surely be one of the reasons you choose to do so.

Job Opportunities

It is extremely easy to find job vacancies in Johor, Malaysia. Simply go online to a reputable job locator and search through the hundreds of options. Whether you have skills in construction, truck driving, or any other specialty, there are sure to be multiple opportunities from which to choose. The fact that you speak English is always an advantage as Johor citizens are always looking for the opportunity to learn the language. If you really want to enjoy your time there, consider finding a stable job during the week and teaching English during the weekend. The money you make will easily help you afford luxuries you would never find in your home town.


Malaysia, particularly Johor, has excellent infrastructure such as a world-class airport, an extensive road network, and dependable financial institutions. With this, you never need to worry about the expenses of traveling or about not reaching your destination in time. You will have all the modern comforts of home while enjoying a more cost-effective price of living.


Healthcare services offered here are far more efficient and private hospitals offer treatments that are on par with world standards. That means you can enjoy the same standard of healthcare your taxes pay for back at home, which is something many expatriates worry about. Whether you find yourself injured on the job or simply need some medication to fight off a bacterial illness, the highly trained medical professionals at your disposal will ensure you receive the best of care.

Natural Beauty

While you may go to Johor for the job opportunities, the beauty of this country will surely be the reason you stay. Malaysia is home to some of the most spectacular scenes in the world and the wildlife alone appears to be from another planet. There is a wealth of flora and fauna to enjoy as well as the open ocean, islands, highlands, jungles, and beaches to explore during your down time. There is a reason that so many millions of people visit this part of the world each year and you will live right in the middle of it when you move here to work.