The Most Common Car Injuries Revealed


The most common of all car accident injuries by far is whiplash.  More than 70% of motor claims submitted to insurance companies are for a whiplash injury.  It is a very painful and disabling injury from which some victims never recover, being left with weaknesses in the neck and back areas.

Broken Bones

Broken bones are the next most common injury, the limbs being particularly susceptible to fractures.  If the injured party is riding a bicycle or motorbike, they have very little protection for their bodies and being hit by a car can cause multiple bone breakages.Image result for The Most Common Car Injuries Revealed

Concussion and head injuries

Concussion is the sort of injury that could fully disappear over just a few days, but not always.  For some victims it leaves permanent problems, mainly affecting their sight.  More serious head injuries, which can involve the brain can be life changing for the victim and their families, some of them ending up in a vegetative state for many years and other placid and mild mannered victims becoming aggressive and abusive.


These can be very mild, a few surface cuts that heal by themselves over a couple of weeks.  But they can also be very severe deep lacerations that need medical attention.  If they happen to be to the face or neck are and leave nasty scars, the victim may need plastic surgery to reduce how visible they are.

Internal injuries

The problem with internal injuries is that you cannot see them and it needs a medical professional to realise they have happened.  If there is internal bleeding it can be fatal and immediate treatment should be sought for anyone who has sustained this type of injury.

The treatments

So now we know what the five most common injury in car claims we should have a brief word about treatments.

Each victim reacts differently to the same injuries, what will be a minor niggle to one may be a major injury to another, and treatments are pretty much the same.  Some victims will feel more pain, others will not heal so quickly and the treatments have to be tailored to suit each situation.

Personal injury compensation claims are exactly the same.  No two accidents, injuries or victims are the same and each personal injury compensation claim has to be tailored to suite the needs of a particular situation.

At we have this down to a fine art.  We have solicitors, all experienced and experts in the field of injury claims, but among them there are many specialists of different types of accidents and injuries.