What to Look for in a Legal Recruiter

High Standard of Representation

When you are looking for a legal recruiter, you should keep in mind the type of resources the recruiter is willing to put forth on your behalf. Some headhunters don’t have the required resources to get the job done as needed, and will end up letting both prospective employers as well as prospective talent down. A good recruiterand they should always be in a position to offer help when needed andwill have both the staff and means to ensure prospective employees end up exactly where they should – in fantastic jobs.3

Professional Experience

It is important to look for a headhunting agency that has an exceptional reputation and experience with placing highly talented individuals into great firms, like The Heller Group in Toronto. If an agency has just joined the market, they simply won’t have the contacts and experience to match top talent with top firms. Look for a company that has a proven track record of success and that has been in the business for a substantial period of time like the Toronto legal recruiters at The Heller Group.

Core Values

A good number of law recruiters are in the field for all the wrong reasons – they work based on volume, so they don’t really care which firms talent end up at, or whether or not they’re happy in their new placement. When you are in search of a legal headhunting agency, always try to get first-hand information from the recruiter on what their main driving force is. The moment a recruiter can’t tell you why they’re in the market, or what they can do for you, it’s high time you looked the other way.

Success Stories

How many recruits have been successfully placed in different firms or companies ever since the recruiter started recruiting? Always keep in mind that a good recruiter should be proud of what he or she does, based on what they have accomplished in the past. If a recruiter has a low success rate, this should be a clear sign that you need to stay away from them – always go for a recruiter that guarantees you success. Top agencies should also be able to provide you with a list of references from people who have used their services in the past who are willing to vouch for the quality of service they received.


Not every recruitment agency provides exceptional service or are willing to guarantee what they provide. Many individuals, who signed up with these agencies, have complained of being misrepresented, while others have complained of negligence. If you want to avoid such cases, it’s highly advisable to put the integrity of the recruiter at the top of your list. Ask around about the firm from your friends or on online platforms to ensure that your recruiter will fulfill their contract to the letter. As a point of advice, always work with a recruitment agency that has strict rules that govern their employees.